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For over twenty-five years, our family-owned company has serviced our area’s HVAC units and we would also like to service your system. If you are looking for AC Service San Antonio TX, then contact Airtegrity Comfort Solutions for all of your air conditioning needs, because we would be happy to help.

Air Conditioning Service San Antonio TX is a business that is taken very seriously. Probably because we experience many days of the year that are very high in temperature, and our residents and visitors like to have a place to escape the heat and enjoy a comfortable indoor environment when possible.

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If you are in the market for someone to maintain your HVAC system, repair or install your system, or provide Air Duct Repair, then our excellent staff has the skills that you need. We have the knowledge to inspect, diagnose,and repair any type of AC unit. Eventually, every unit will wear out and need to be replaced. We also have the skills required to install anew unit for your home of business.

Our technicians can make repairs on any parts necessary for your AC unit. We ares killed in condenser repair, compressor replacement, motor replacement, and we will even check your filters to ensure their functionality. Our aim is to provide you with AC service that you can depend on, and we guarantee that we will always be cost-efficient and industry-proficient.

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If you would like a company that you can rely on to take good care of your AC unit(s), then Airtegrity Comfort Solutions is your company. We hope to build long-term relationships with all of our clients, as we know that intricacies oft heir individual AC unit and how it functions within their unique environment. Contact us today if we maybe of service to you.

We needed help with a house we recently purchased (the AC was not able to keep up with the setting - it was getting HOT!) and they gave us options and talked us through what could have been happening with the system. They did some work that allowed our system to keep up. They were responsive on the phone and timely with arrival to our home. They were also respectful of the space and to our dogs. We were satisfied with the work and professional quality of the people at airtegrity.

Cynthia H.

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