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At Airtegrity we focus on all the details so our installations are worry free and done right to ensure that your new AC system will keep you comfortable for many years! Our mission is to bring integrity into the AC and heating industry. By focusing on providing our customers with quality installations at an affordable price. 

In addition, our services come with 5-year labor warranties and LIFETIME Workmanship warranties to back up all of our work. We work with the best financing companies in the industry to help our customers finance their new system.

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Our Process

Every new installation begins with an entire home evaluation. Our professionals will conduct a thorough home audit and make sure that we design a cooling system that is the perfect fit for your home. 

When we audit your home, we take into consideration the following: 

  • Type of home
  • Type of windows
  • Type of insulation
  • Size of duct runs
  • Size of return ducts
  • Location of home
  • Type of system being installed
  • Modifications that might be needed

Once our comfort professional has done their audit, they will take all of this information and design a system that is the right fit for your home. Our specialist will provide and explain the different options for your home. 

Hassle-Free Guarantee

Our equipment is factory authorized and backed by the manufacturer. All of our work has our "sparkling clean guarantee." 

Worry Free Guarantee

We're the experts in designing your Perfect Comfort Systems. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we keep you protected. We aide by all local codes and permit all work.

Save Time

You have life to live — so we won't keep you waiting! We offer around-the-clock 24 hour service to fit your busy schedule.

Save Money

We are an Energy Star Advocate. Our solutions are designed to help you save money on your energy bills.

Choices That Work For You

We'll provide options — and you simple choose what's best for your home and your family to maximize your comfort.

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Professional Service

At Airtegrity we consider ourselves professionals, we hire expert technicians not salespeople. We focus on building strong relationships with customers by being transparent and affordable. Therefore, you can be assured that everything we do will be customer service oriented.

 Installation Process

One of the most important parts of Airtegrity is our team of experts. Our team takes a lot of pride in their work and strives to provide installations that are picture perfect. They lay out floor savers and take the time to do work the right way. They also carry all the materials and tools that might be needed to ensure there is no delay of the installation process.

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Critical Steps Airtegrity Does To Ensure Proper Installation. 

Brazing With Dry Nitro: This is a step that is very important since not doing this can cause equipment valves to heat up and get stuck prematurely. 

Surge Protectors: Hundreds of storms hit our area every year which increases the wear and tear of your system. 

Digital Calibration: 85% of installations are not properly charged with refrigerant. As a result, efficiency of the system is reduced. We make sure that your AC is properly calibrated during our quality checks to ensure that your new system will work as designed. 

Duct Modifications: Not having the right modifications on your system can increase pressure on your motors and compressors, we ensure that all transitions are done right to make sure your system will run well for a very long time.

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Equipment Options

American Standard: The most reliable brand you can get in the market known for having the least amount of down time, outlasting its competitors. 

(Day & Night) by Carrier: Strong and durable brand! We love that this brand is highly reliable and has great coils and comfort controls. 

Goodman: Our base system very reliable with all aluminum coils, and long lasting compressors.

american standard air conditioning unit

Financing Options:

At Airtegrity we have partnered with the best financing companies in the industry to help you finance your new AC system. 

Every household has different financing needs, this is why we only work with the best! Currently, Greensky Financing and Foundation Finance Company offer great finance options: 

Greensky Financing Promotions: 

  • 12 Months Same as Cash
  • 18 Months Same as Cash
  • 24 Months Same as Cash
  • 36 Months Same as Cash
  • 60 Months equal payments to help keep your payments low and not pay interest. 

Foundation Finance Company Promotions: 

  • 12 Months Same as Cash
  • 24 Months Same as Cash 
  • 24 Months Same as Cash
  • 5.9% APR

What your neighbors in San Antonio say:

"The installation was done quickly and cleanly! I love how well my new system works, my house is so much more comfortable! Also they installed a smart thermostat, it is so cool being able to control the temperature from anywhere with my smartphone! Frank, the technician that installed my unit was super friendly and helpful!"
-Christie Y.
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Starting Price

Buying a new system can vary depending on the type of efficiency and warranty of the work.  Some good quality installations for the following Tons will be around:

  • 2 Ton $4,800.00
  • 2.5 Ton $5,300.00
  • 3 Ton $5,700.00
  • 3.5 Ton $6,000.00
  • 4 Ton 6,200.00
  • 5 Ton $6,500.00