High-Quality Ductless Systems

At Airtegrity we focus on all the details — so you know our installations are done right! We're here to ensure that your new ductless system will keep you comfortable and worry free for many years. Providing our customers with quality ductless system installations at an affordable price, fulfills our mission — to bring integrity to the A/C and heating industry.

Our ductless installation service is backed up with a 3-year labor warranty and a 10-year manufacturer warranty. If needed, we help our customers finance their new system through the best financing companies in the industry.


Benefits of a Ductless System

  • More Comfort — Ductless systems distribute warm & cool air in open spaces more efficiently, especially if your home features a modern open-floor plan style
  • No Renovation Needed — Ductless systems are the perfect way to add A/C to an older home. Maybe you have a room with an old window unit, or you are adding a new living space to your home — ductless system is an affordable alternative
  • Boost a Current Zone — If your current central air system struggles to keep an area of your home comfortable, add a ductless system to affordably solve this uneven temperature issue
  • Affordable Installations — Installation of a traditional heating & cooling unit can be costly if you require new ductwork or have to replace your existing ductwork. Ductless systems do not require any ductwork & need just one installation point. In most cases, they can be installed & operational in a day!
  • Cleaner Air — Ductwork builds up with dust, dander, debris & hair over the years. You typically need to clean out your ducts professionally every year or two depending on the volume of contaminants they are likely to collect. While they are present, these particles are emitted into the air. Ductless systems feature air purification in addition to heating & cooling, which means the air is consistently cleaner & healthier
  • Efficient Running Costs — Ductless heating & cooling systems keep your home comfortable at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating & cooling methods. You can also turn off the air in rooms that are not in use, thus ensuring the energy your unit consumes only what you need
  • Year-Round Comfort — Ductless units can be used for all seasons because they emit heated & cooled air
  • Utility Cost Savings — CPS, or your local energy provider, may offer incentives to customers that install ductless systems. These incentives range from rebates to overall better efficiency. The exact savings will vary, but as long as you use a recommended contractor for your ductless unit, you are bound to save even more
  • Warranties — Our ductless systems come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty & a 3-year warranty on the labor

Hassle-Free Guarantee

Our equipment is factory authorized and backed by the manufacturer. All of our work has our "sparkling clean guarantee" 

Worry Free Guarantee

We're the experts in designing your perfect comfort systems. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we keep you protected. We abide by all local codes & permit all work

Save Time

You have a life to live — so we won't keep you waiting! We offer a 24 hour service to fit your busy schedule

Save Money

We are an Energy Star advocate. Our solutions are designed to help you save money on your energy bills

Choices That Work For You

We'll provide options — and you simple choose what's best for your home & your family to maximize your comfort

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Professional Service

At Airtegrity we are professionals. We hire expert technicians not salespeople. We focus on building strong relationships with customers by being transparent and affordable. You can rest assured that everything we do is customer service oriented.

 Installation Process

One of the most important parts of Airtegrity is our team of experts. Our team takes pride in their work and strives to provide installations that are picture perfect. They lay out floor savers and take the time to do work the right way. They also carry all the materials and tools that might be needed to avoid potential delays of the installation process.


Critical Steps Airtegrity Follows To Ensure Proper Installation

Step 1 - We conduct a load calculation to determine the right size of cooling/heating for you. Choosing the wrong size system can cause your home or office to have too much humidity, develop mold, or stop the unit working prematurely.  

Step 2 - We ensure our trucks are fully stocked and maintain an active materials list to ensure an efficient installation. This helps us complete 95% of our projects in a day!

Step 3 - We purge oils inside refrigerant lines, calibrate the system, remove moisture from the system, all to ensure that your new system works 100% as designed. You can also be assured that our team will maintain a clean workspace while following all installation steps.

Step 4 - We conduct quality checks to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and understand how to care and maintain your new system. Have you ever hired a contractor and you did not like the work that was completed? We love our work and take extreme pride in picture perfect installations. In addition, our installers get a bonus every time they do the installation 100% correct!


Equipment Options

Selecting the right ductless system is very important. Our comfort advisors will present options to consider such as:

- Noise Level
- Operating cost
- Reliability of system
- Durability of the systems
- WiFi capabilities
- Price


Financing Options:

At Airtegrity we have partnered with the best financing companies in the industry to help you finance your new ductless system.

Every household has different financing needs, this is why we only work with the best! Currently, Greensky Financing and Foundation Finance Company offer great finance options:

Greensky Financing Promotions: 

  • 12 Months Same as Cash
  • 18 Months Same as Cash
  • 24 Months Same as Cash
  • 36 Months Same as Cash
  • 60 Months equal payments to help keep your payments low and not pay interest. 

Foundation Finance Company Promotions: 

  • 12 Months Same as Cash
  • 24 Months Same as Cash 
  • 24 Months Same as Cash
  • 5.9% APR

What your neighbors in San Antonio say:

"These guys at Airtegrity are the best! I moved from SA to Virginia and needed repair done on unit at house I sold. I was not expecting to find anything wrong but was required by the buyer to have my unit inspected. One company come out and basically wanted to take me to the cleaners. Airtegrity came out and put me at ease. Great customer service and quick response. Thank you guys so very much!"
-Dwight D.
"I found Airtegrity through Angie's List. Ryan responded within a couple minutes and had a tech on site within hours on a HOT summer day. The tech, Frank, communicated with me that he was in route. He was excellent! He found the issue quickly and fixed it, but still inspected the rest of my unit and made sure it was functioning properly. His knowledge and customer service definitely made me comfortable with the repairs he made."
-Aimee P.
"I had an excellent experience with Airtegrity Comfort Solutions. The customer service was excellent. When other companies could not get us on the schedule, Airtegrity did. They are very professional, give outstanding service and are affordable. I definitely recommend them to everyone. Thank you guys for getting us up and running!"
-Debra C.
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Fairly Priced

Your home's needs and your system preference will determine the price of a new ductless system. We guarantee that our prices are very affordable, and more importantly, fair for you!

With over 2000 clients in the San Antonio area, and over 450 online reviews, you can be sure that you will receive a very fair offer from our team.

Most importantly our quality of work will ensure that you are comfortable for many years to come!