Stay Comfortable Year-Round

We take care of your AC so you can focus on your life. Our Comfort Protection Plans are designed to improve your system’s reliability and keep you comfortable all year and for years to come. We know what it takes to keep your HVAC system working efficiently, especially in our Texas weather! When you become a Comfort Protection Member you are adding an extra level of protection to your system which keeps it running smoothly through the summer and winter months.

We love happy customers and more importantly we love saving our customers money. Each comfort protection plan comes with savings/value added opportunities. Check out our plans below and find out which plan best fits your home needs.


$10/Month or $120/year

  • One Visit - Spring or Fall Maintenance
  • 24 hours priority service
  • 1 yr warranty repairs
  • $300 OFF system replacements
  • $100 OFF enhancements
  • $75 OFF duct cleaning
  • 10% OFF repairs
  • After hours $59 (regular after hours $150)
  • Service calls 40 (regular $75)
  • Weekend rates $75
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$20/month or $240/Year

  • 2 visits, spring and fall
  • Same-day service
  • 18-month warranty repairs
  • $500 OFF system replacement
  • $150 OFF enhancements
  • $75 OFF duct cleaning
  • After hours $40.00
  • Service calls $20.00
  • 15% OFF repairs
  • No extra charge for weekend rates
  • Improves comfort, lowers utility, & downtime
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$30/Month or $360/Year

  • 2 visits, spring and fall
  • Same-day Service
  • 2 years warranty repairs
  • $700 OFF system replacements
  • $200 OFF enhancements
  • $75 OFF duct cleaning
  • 20% OFF repairs
  • After hours/weekend $20
  • FREE Service Calls
  • FREE Service Calls Weekends
  • Improve comfort and lower utility & downtime
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In addition, we have partnered with other trade trusted allies that will provide additional value to all of our Comfort Protection members. See list of allies below!

Join our family of our members and protect your system now by selecting the plan that best fits your needs! Payments are accepted on a monthly or yearly basis.

Airtegrity Comfort Protection Members Trade Allies Value

10% off Filter Change or service

The Water Man

(210) 664-1111

$10% off repairs up to $1,000

Pulliam Plumbing

(210) 857-8583

$50 off your first visit

Preferred Pest Controls

(210) 336-9994

$25 off roofing repair service

BV Signature Roofing