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Are you ready fo feel comfortable in your home again?
Ask the next HVAC technician that visits you if he is paid on commission and you will be astounded. At Airtegrity, we're not paid on commission. We’re paid for ensuring your home comfort. How is that for a breath of fresh air?!
Excuse the A/C punn, but we don’t think those practices are cool. So what’s our angle? Why are we more affordable? The answer is that we value customer satisfaction, value-based services and ethical business above all other motivations! We believe that by giving you the best rate available and the best service possible, everybody wins.
Airtegrity has a passion for customer satisfaction, cool summers, and warm winters. We achieve this by installing excellent equipment, and using the best technicians in the business to make sure that our climate systems stay running efficiently. After calling us, you can just sit back, kick your feet up and relax. We'll take it from there.

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Our Guarantee:

Airtegrity offers a 1-year repairs guarantee and a 10-year parts & installation guarantee. We stand by our work, our equipment, and our services. We want your home comfort to be a risk-free investment!

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HVAC  Installations

You just bought a new home. Now you want an HVAC company to maintain your new HVAC units giving you the peace of mind that it will last for years. You save considerable cash on energy, system repairs and maintenance if your HVAC systems are set-up properly from the start.

At Airtegrity, our rigorous maintenance regime will ensure your home uses a reliable climate system that keeps you comfortable and is cost efficient for decades. Crucial decisions early on in the lifecycle of a home can be the difference between persistent and expensive mechanical issues. You’ve put months into the search for a new home ... don’t let that precious time go to waste.

Regardless of whether you bought a humble cabin or a looming mansion, Airtegrity is your one stop shop. Our technicians are happy to assess your new property's system and conduct a professional evaluation to discover the most efficient maintenance plan for your home.

Installation Services: High efficiency equipment, residential and commercial HVAC installation, duct installation, air balancing, duct replacement.

What your neighbors in San Antonio say:

"The service was great. They were able to complete a same day service request and arrived on time. The repairman was professional and explained what he was doing. The price was much lower than expected."
-Christie Y.
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Repairs & Maintenance

Excuse our French, but we speak from experience when we tell you that a broken A/C in the middle of a Texas summer really blows.

Just as a Corvette needs frequent oil changes and maintenance to remain one of the most formidable sports cars on the road, an air conditioning unit (however less glamorous) also needs “pit stops” to keep it running effectively for a long span of time.

Luckily, this is our speciality. We would MUCH rather repair than replace. Why not save unnecessary expenditures? We are excited to maintain your equipment and keep in running properly with scheduled preventative maintenance every 6 months. If things should go south, we will have a technician over in hours to straighten out the problem and make sure that your system is back to peak condition in no time.

Repair services: Furnace repair, condenser repair, heat pump repair, air handler repair, motor replacement, compressor replacement, warranty claims.

What your neighbors in San Antonio say:

"Air conditioning went out at my house for my daughter and I. Gentlemen showed up and fixed the problem quick. Thanks a bunch!"
-Gabriela H.
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air conditioning replacement in san antonio


Although we much prefer to maintain and repair systems, sometimes a unit has seen better days. In this case, we will double check to make sure it isn’t repairable for a lower cost before showing you all of your options for a new system.

In an industry where deciding on equipment brands can be frustrating, we make sure your experience is a breeze. We have solutions for any size budget and have a multitude of efficiency ratings from which to choose.

If you’re looking for a complete replacement for one of your heating or air conditioning units, reach out to us by using one of the buttons below to schedule your free consultation:

What your neighbors in San Antonio say:

"The technician was friendly and professional AND honest. It turned out to be a small problem, and it was quickly fixed with a very reasonable charge. I could have been told it was some expensive part. I was grateful for their integrity."
-Allen H.
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Airtegrity takes your comfort very seriously. For that reason we aren’t just going to recommend some complicated and expensive brand that costs you as much for the name plate as the system itself. Every home is unique. Homes vary in size and configurations. This means that not every system will be a good choice for every home.

Based on our professional evaluation, we will recommend one from a variety of top notch systems to meet the specific needs of your building. Airtegrity only uses the best equipment available, and offers extended warranties at our expense if we maintain the system. We will let you choose from top rated manufacturers for electric or gas systems that will be ideal for your home.

Let us tell you about our recommended equipment for your home climate needs. We would be delighted to have one of our specialists come speak with you and give you equipment and financing options!

Indoor Air Quality Services: Reme Halo purifcation system, Nest thermostats, air purifiers, media filters, Ecobee thermostats.

What your Neighbors in San Antonio say:

"They were so professional and courteous that I couldn't believe it. They came back a second day to make sure everything was running correctly. In this day and age it is unheard of for a company to go out of their way to make you happy. And that's exactly what they did."
-Joyce F.
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Franciso bermudez founder of airtegrity

Airtegrity - Doing Good & Performing Better

We believe that the HVAC industry is currently rampant with unethical business practices, underperformance, and overpriced equipment and services. At Airtegrity, we see room for improvement. What if a company could lower prices and deliver more value, while providing exponentially better customer service? Is that even feasible?
Born out of our CEO, Francisco Bermudez’s passion for customer service, and a dream for something greater than just HVAC, Airtegrity was created. Not just to serve San Antonio, but to impress it.
We love our satisfied customers and are happy to maintain their systems. This also saves you hundreds — even thousands — of dollars in energy bills over time. Inefficient and broken climate systems have a much poorer yield, and become very costly to own and operate.
If you’re ready to experience an HVAC company that does business the right way — saving you money and keeping you cool in the comfort of your home — reach out to us using one of the buttons below:
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