Why Are Your Electricity Bills High? Hint: It's Not Your Air Conditioner

January 24, 2024
Why Are Your Electricity Bills High? Hint: It's Not Your Air Conditioner

Do your electricity bills spike when the weather warms? Even though your air conditioner's energy efficiency is an obvious cause, it isn't necessarily the culprit. Before you assume your AC unit itself is the problem, take a look at the other possible reasons for efficiency-related issues.

Air Ducts

Air duct leaks, damage, and other similar issues can turn your high-efficiency HVAC system into a costly home appliance. Even though you might expect your new, energy-efficient central air conditioner to lower your electricity bills, without an adequate duct system, you aren't likely to see the expected cost savings.An air leak from worn joints, holes, cracks, or damage forces the air conditioner to work harder. As the system pushes cold air through the ducts, some of it can leak out and into your walls, crawl spaces, and other places it shouldn't go. This can cause an uncomfortably warm indoor environment and excessive energy use.

Your ducts are the problem: What can you do about leaky or damaged ducts? If you suspect yo

Call an HVAC professional.

While you can feel around the exposed ducts to find potential leaks, a professional air conditioning technician has the expert-level knowledge needed to locate and diagnose a true problem.

Don't use tape.

Regular cloth-backed or rubber adhesive tape may secure packages for shipping. But these types of tapes won't hold your ducts together permanently.

Ask about repairs.

Instead of a DIY duct tape approach, ask the HVAC professional how they can repair the ducts. They have access to specialized materials and have knowledge of the right process to repair the damage.If your ducts are beyond repair, you'll need to replace all or part of the system. Even though this is an added unexpected cost, a replacement can save you money in energy costs over time.

Obstructed Vents

If you’ve determined that your air conditioner and ducts are in perfect working order, you may still encounter problems. Why are your electricity bills still rising? The vents could be at fault.Without a clear path, the air coming from your ducts won't make it into your home. Before you spend money on unnecessary and costly system replacements:

Make sure the vents are open.

Check the lever on each vent. Open the vents in rooms you use often.

Move furniture away from the vents.

Does your living room couch block the vent in the room? If furniture obstructs the air flow from reaching the interior space, the AC system won't cool your home efficiently.

Move clutter.

Large furniture pieces aren't the only vent-blockers. Remove bags, stacks of papers, toys, or any other clutter from the vent areas.Now that you've checked the ducts and the vents, your AC system's efficiency should improve. But what happens if there's no change or your home gets warmer? Read on for more information on another possible problem.

Home Insulation

Insulation is a necessary part of your home's HVAC system. Even though it's not a direct part of your air conditioner, without it, your unit won't function at its fullest potential.Whether it's in the walls, around the windows, in an attic, or lining a crawl space, insulation creates a barrier between the exterior and interior air. This should keep the warm air out and the cool air in. If you suspect an insulation issue:

Ask a professional.

A qualified HVAC technician can inspect your home and check for air leaks.

Seal entry points.

Add weather-stripping to windows, doors, and your garage door to better insulate your home.

Insulate walls and uncooled spaces.

Not only will this reduce your energy bills in the warm weather, but it can also stop a spike in winter-time heating prices.Insulation, along with a high-efficiency AC unit, damage-free ducts, and clear vents, can dramatically decrease your warm-weather energy bills. If you've checked these issues and your bills still won't go down, an HVAC technician can explore other possible problems.

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