We Take Care of Your AC So You Can Focus On Your Life

August 21, 2023
We Take Care of Your AC So You Can Focus On Your Life

Our Comfort Protection Plans are designed to improve your system’s reliability and keep you comfortable all year and for years to come. We know what it takes to keep your HVAC system working efficiently, especially in our Texas weather! When you become a Comfort Protection Member, you are adding an extra level of protection to your system, which keeps it running smoothly through the summer and winter months.

So, why should you sign up to our Comfort Protection Plans? Here's why:

Priority service as a customer

As a maintenance service client, you’ll get top priority service over those who don’t have a plan – which means even faster repairs. No waiting, which is great to get your system up and running again.

Priority service on emergency calls

If you happen to have an emergency call, you’ll be first in line to get your system repaired quickly.

Help prevent system failures

With an annual maintenance plan, you will avoid unnecessary system failures in your HVAC system.

Help to maintain capacity and efficiency

Your HVAC unit will run more efficiently if maintained. If your home is adequately insulated, it means less money is spent on cooling, heating, and electricity costs.

Up to two visits per year

Under our GOLD Comfort Protection Plan, you will receive two visits (Spring and Fall) per year.

Discounts and long-lasting warranties

Enjoy countless discounts on other services such as duct cleaning, system replacement, enhancements, service calls, and repairs! We have also partnered with other local businesses so that you will be entitled to various discounts! Visit our website to learn more!

We love happy customers, and more importantly, we love saving our customers money. Each comfort protection plan comes with savings/value-added opportunities. Check out our plans below and find out which plan best fits your home needs.

View our Comfort Protection Plans

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