Tips to Minimize the Strain on your HVAC System During the Summer

August 7, 2023
Tips to Minimize the Strain on your HVAC System During the Summer

As the summertime approaches, daily temperatures can skyrocket fast, especially in San Antonio, TX, and intensify the heat in your house. As a homeowner, having an HVAC system is a favored feature in keeping the environment consistently comfortable no matter the conditions outside — until it breaks down. The more your air conditioning works to bring down high heat, the more wear it becomes exposed to.

Most Effective Ways to Minimize HVAC Strain

1. Cut Down on Heat Inside Your HomeReducing the impact of heat inside your home is one of the simplest ways to help reduce the extra work your HVAC will have to do to combat it. Some examples to improve this include:

  • Closing curtains or blinds
  • Turning off lights when not in use
  • Keeping windows and doors closed
  • Turning on ceiling fans to compliment the air conditioning
  • Using heat-generating appliances (oven, stove, dryer, dishwasher) in the evening

2. Upgrade Your ThermostatInstalling a smart thermostat can help you then turn the temperature lower before you come home with a connected app on your phone. 3. Inspect and Clean the DuctworkAir ducts and vents can result in leaks if they are poorly sealed. They can become loose and cause cracks in the system, taking a toll on the efficiency of your airstream. Be sure that yours are adequately sealed and insulated tightly to keep them powerful and to protect the quality of your air continuously.4. Change Air FiltersA dirty air filter can quickly cause strain on your HVAC due to limited airflow. You additionally want to make sure the condenser is free of any leaves or debris that could negatively affect its performance. Air filters should be changed every 1-3 months depending on your household situation.5. Improve InsulationProper insulation in the ceiling and walls helps maintain the temperature inside the house. Similar to keeping the warm air inside during the winter months, it holds in the cooler air rather than having it leak out through poorly insulated seals including your windows and doors

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