Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

June 23, 2020
Beat the Heat

Summer is the time for local gatherings, cookouts, and parties whether indoors or outdoors. It is important to ensure that your Air Conditioning (A/C) is operating smoothly for these hot months so that the most comfortable environment is there for your friends and family. As the hot, summer months approach, it is a good idea to have an annual maintenance checkup for your A/C unit prior to heavy usage.

The best time to schedule a checkup is in the early spring, however it is always better to get it done sooner than later. While many experts advise having the unit checkup done at least once a year, twice a year can be healthier for your system depending on the severity of the summer heat in your area. Although your A/C may be functioning “fine”, it is important to make sure it’s running at its top efficiency so you do not spend money on unnecessary repairs in the future. 

Here are several maintenance tips to improve your system’s efficiency throughout the intense, summer months:

  1. Change air filters. During times of heavy cooling system use, it is important to change the filters more often than usual and check for any increase in contaminants. 
  2. Check vents and registers. Make sure to inspect all registers and return air grilles in your house for any blockage. Ensuring there is no restricted airflow throughout your HVAC system will provide the most efficient running of the system. 
  3. Inspect outdoor equipment. Check outdoor equipment for any grass growth or debris that has collected. Be careful not to store any outdoor furniture or equipment around the unit. 
  4. Check the condensate system. Inspecting the cooling system’s drip pan and condensation drain lines for any clogs will also increase efficiency. If these parts are clogged it can cause mold and algae growth and condensation cannot exit the home as designed. If there is a water blockage, clear the clogs in the pan and lines using a wet/dry vacuum and rags. Using a mild soap can also help clean up the spaces and ensure the system is clear to operate at normal capacity. 
  5. Check for duct leakage. Duct leakage in your home can cause humidity levels to increase, allergens, dust, and bacteria to infiltrate your duct system and cause health issues. In addition, duct leakage can cause your system to work extra hard and cause humidity in your home to skyrocket.
  6. Plan ahead. It may not seem like it now, but summer will fly by before you know it. Plan ahead to get your furnace and heating systems checked to ensure your system is properly calibrated, and that it is operating as designed.  

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