The Different Types of Air Ducts for Air Conditioner

September 21, 2023
The Different Types of Air Ducts for Air Conditioner

Ductwork is the part of the HVAC system that we tend to think about the least even though it serves one of the most important purposes. Air ducts are the channels responsible for distributing cooled or heated air throughout the building, and without them, the rest of the HVAC system would be useless.

There are a few different types of air ducts that can be used in a home or commercial building, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of ductwork you should use depends on your HVAC needs and can be determined by an HVAC professional.

Flexible Ductwork

This kind of ductwork is made of a metal wire coil and is covered with a layer of flexible plastic. The flexible air duct also has thermal insulation made of glass wool, though other materials like polyethylene or metalized PET. Flexible ductwork typically looks like a cube and has no elbows or offsets. Your house probably has a Flexible air duct if you are low on space.

Rigid Ductwork

Rigid Ductwork comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and Materials. A rigid duct can be customized according to customer needs. They are hard, reliable, safe and enduring. The different types of air ducts (Rigid) are as follows:

Sheet Metal DuctsUsually, Galvanized steel and aluminum are used in the making of this type of ductwork, but aluminum is preferred because of its lightweight and ease of installing. The best part of having installed a sheet metal duct is that you don’t have to worry about dangerous mold .and other growths as both the materials are non-porous in nature and thus restrict the growth of mold in air ducts.

Fiberglass Lined DuctsRigid ducts type can also be lined with Fiberglass. This duct is very similar to sheet metal ducts but they have internal or external fiberglass lining. These ducts are preferred in commercial buildings and offices as fiberglass Lined air ducts have the ability to dampen the sound of the air conditioner.But fiberglass lined duct is not recommended as these ducts can deteriorate andCan release small particles of fiberglass into the air. Long-term exposure to these fiberglass particles can pose serious health issues like asthma etc. Moreover, fiberglass is porous in nature and thus allows mold and bacteria to grow. Fiberglass-lined air ducts are relatively difficult to clean.

Fiberboard DuctsFiberboard is compressed and resin-bonded fiberglass which is then laminated with a foil sheet. This lamination protects them from moisture. A fiberboard air duct is mostly preferred for heating and cooling systems because it is insulated. But just like the Fiberglass lined air ducts, these air ducts are not recommended for ventilation as they too can become a home to mold and bacteria.

Which One Is The Best?

Though there are different types of ductwork available in the market today, Sheet metal is most recommended as this type of air duct is non-porous in nature and thus does not allow mold or bacteria to breed in the air ducts. Sheet metal ductwork also helps you prevent potential health risks of fiberglass air ducts. Don’t forget to your ducts system cleaned on regular basis to keep your indoor air quality in a good condition.

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