HVAC Tune Up Checklist: What Does It Consist Of?

July 3, 2023
HVAC Tune Up Checklist: What Does It Consist Of?

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been busy – be sure to schedule an air conditioner tune up soon. It’s easy to forget your HVAC unit works basically 24/7, 365 days a year.

It may seem like an extra expense, especially if your air conditioner is fairly new, but the cost of replacing parts or whole AC units adds up quickly. Preventive maintenance is a smart investment in your comfort as well as controls your energy bills.

Everybody talks about the importance, but not many talks about what exactly the technicians do during these AC tune-ups. When done right, and by a professional, an AC tune-up can:

  • Greatly reduce the risk of a breakdown
  • Increase the HVAC unit’s lifespan
  • Lower your cooling bills

✅ Cleans components. For example, your condenser coils get a deep clean. This directly increases efficiency and energy costs.

✅ Inspection of ductwork to check for potential loss of conditioned air

✅ Check blower belt and blower motor performance

✅ Tighten and test all electrical switches and controls for safety

✅ Check refrigerant levels

✅ Lubricate moving parts. This eliminates friction which increases energy costs and wears on your AC unit.

✅Test and calibrate your thermostat, if necessary.

✅ Change the air filter, if provided.

✅ Check electrical wiring for proper ratings, installation, and connections.

✅ Check lines and fittings for signs of leaks or oil

✅ Inspect and test capacitors and many more!

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