HVAC Troubleshooting Tips for Homeowners

August 7, 2023
 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips for Homeowners

Owning a home gives you a ton of responsibilities. Besides paying your mortgage, you are also required to ascertain that all systems in your house are functioning efficiently. One item that you need to make sure is in its pristine condition is the HVAC troubleshooting. This is because the system ensures that your house has optimal temperatures and quality air exchange between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Failure to maintain your HVAC correctly can leave you in a tight spot, especially during the summer months when temperatures are too high or in winter when it’s too cold. As a homeowner, you need to have some essential troubleshooting tips to help you when the HVAC has an issue.

1. Replacing Air Filters

Clogged, old, and dirty air filters are the common causes of inefficient functioning HVAC. Therefore, the first troubleshooting tip you should have up your sleeves is how to check and replace air filters..

2. Clearing Debris from the Outdoor Unit

Since the outdoor unit is usually in the vicinity of grass, trees, and other physical items, it can accumulate leaves, branches, or other solid particles over time.

3. Cleaning Indoor Vents, Ducts, and Registers

When the AC is circulating air through your home, small substances, such as dirt, dust, and other foreign particles, can stick or block the vents, ducts, and registers.

4. Checking the Thermostat

Since there are HVAC problems that originate from the thermostat, you should know how to check if it’s faulty. If your system is turning on at the wrong time or not starting at all, you try to figure out the problem. First of all, check if the thermostat has power. If it doesn’t switch on, change the batteries to see if they are the problem. And if you reset the temperatures and there is no change, you might need to consult a professional.

5. Checking the Circuit Breakers and Power Supply

If your AC unit doesn’t start at all, you should inspect the electrical supply cords to see if they are in place. Additionally, if your system can start at all, you should check to see if the circuit breakers are on. Sometimes power overload can cause the circuit breakers to cut the power supply, or sometimes people might accidentally turn the switches and breakers off.

While troubleshooting tips can help you find existing problems with your HVAC, you can’t solve all of them yourself. It would be best if you let a technician take over.

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