Here's why having clean air vents inside your home is a must..

November 1, 2023
Here's why having clean air vents inside your home is a must..

Why is it important to clean air vents?

There are important health benefits to having clean indoor air. Indoor air pollution is a cause for a lot of ailments and diseases, yet chances are you’ve never read about it in your favorite health magazine or on your favorite health blog. Indoor air pollution is a significantly underestimated issue!

Besides health related issues, dirty or contaminated air vents are also a threat to your wallet and your home. Here are 5 essential benefits of clean air vents in your home.

1. Prevent the spread of harmful organism

Most people are unaware of how dirty air ducts affect the indoor air quality of their home and business. Dirty air ducts are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, allergens, spores and mold. These could be causing or aggravating sickness and physical ailments. An air vent cleaning may not be as fancy of a purchase as a new TV or a new comfy chair, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing your indoor air is free of all these harmful organism is truly priceless.

2. Eliminate allergens from indoor air

If you've been experiencing an itchy throat, watering eyes or a runny nose, you’re probably experiencing symptoms of seasonal allergies. If that’s the case, you're most likely spending more time inside to avoid the pollen that’s outside. Make sure your indoor air is actually filtered as effectively as possible by having clean air vents and filter. If your air filters are clogged or dirty, and your air ducts are circulating pollen throughout your home, you may continue to experience allergy symptoms even after allergy season is over.

3. Reduce dust

Dusty air vents are likely the main contributor to this never-ending chore. The third benefit of clean air ducts is a reduced amount of dust circulating throughout your house and accumulating on surfaces. Your house can never be truly clean unless the dirt and dust is also removed from your central air system. There are much better ways to spend your free time than having to dust shelves!

4. Reduce utility bills

An air vent cleaning is one of those investments that's very likely to pay for itself. Your utility costs are likely to decrease after a thorough air vent cleaning. It reduces the strain on your air system, increasing its lifespan, and makes sure there are no restrictions or foreign objects that are hindering the air flow.

5. Remove foreign objects

Make sure your air ducts are clear of anything that doesn’t belong there, because these foreign objects are not what you want inside your home, possibly contaminating the air you breath and placing additional strain on your HVAC system!

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