Battling the Buzz: How to Tackle Noisy Air Conditioners and Restore Peaceful Serenity

June 12, 2023
Battling the Buzz: How to Tackle Noisy Air Conditioners and Restore Peaceful Serenity

Not only is the air conditioning noise intrusive, but it also might signal an impending breakdown and the need for an expensive repair.

So how do you know if it’s a quick fix, something a service tech needs to take care of, or something you could just drown out by donning headphones and blasting your tunes?

Take a look at the main causes of air conditioning noise you’re likely to hear, and what it means about your HVAC system.

The ducts don’t match the AC

If you had parts of your HVAC updated or replaced, or if you had air ducts installed separately, then the ventilation may not be working with the rest of the system. The ductwork might not be big enough for the air flowing through them.

The filter’s clogged

The air filter is meant to catch dust and particles in the air. But when it has reached its limit, it can impede the flow of air, causing air conditioning noise.

The ductwork is damaged

Old ventilation pipes can develop leaks and cracks through which air escapes. A change in air pressure might be behind your AC’s musical, whistling debut.

Motor shaft bearings in need of oil

Just like an old door hinge, parts of the motor can make a squealing sound if they are not properly oiled and start to get stuck. This is one air conditioning noise that’s easily taken care of with regular maintenance.

Broken blower belt

The fan motor uses a belt that could have broken or slipped off the fan. Regular inspections can catch issues like this before they cause problems.

Failure Alert

When an AC refuses to turn off, it’s a sign of some interruption to its cooling cycle. This air conditioning noise could be the first sign of a larger problem.

Unnecessary strain on parts

Too much use can cause the parts of your machine to wear out faster than normal, which will need replacing sooner rather than later.

Neglecting AC maintenance can COST you

Neglecting maintenance can quickly add up to cost more than you might imagine. And it’s not only HVAC repair costs; poor HVAC performance can seriously hurt your business or make your home uncomfortable. But as always, Airtegrity Comfort Solutions is here to help!

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