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What the heck is Airtegrity?

In a sentence, the hottest heating and coolest air conditioning company in Texas.
The Greatest HVAC company in San Antonio.

What makes Airtegrity the top HVAC company in San Antonio? What sets us apart? Why do we think we have worked hard to deserve your business, trust, and loyalty?

We believe that Mother Nature has already created an incredible business model for us down here in the hotspot of San Antonio. What an amazing community in which to have an HVAC business – but the buck should stop there. Many of our competitors like to take advantage of their customers by immediately recommending a replacement rather than a repair, scheduling unnecessary visits, and disguising low cost “check up” visits as an opportunity to damage customer equipment in order to create a need for future maintenance.

Does this make you mad? It should.

Ask the next HVAC technician that visits if he is paid on commission – you will be astounded.  Airtegrity technicians are NOT on commission – they are paid on your satisfaction – how is that for a breathe of fresh air?!

Excuse the AC pun, but we don’t think those practices are cool. So what’s the angle for Airtegrity? Why are we more affordable? The answer is that we value customer satisfaction, value-based services and ethical business above all other motivations!

Here at Airtegrity, we are confident that there is plenty of business to go around. We would rather have an affordable plan and long-term relationship with every single customer in San Antonio. If we give thousands of people the best rate available and the best service possible, we are confident that we will do just fine.

Our Customers are the most important things to us! People are the true backbone of any business. We always keep our priorities straight. Delighted customers always come back and recommend us to friends and family. We know that as long as we keep you comfortable in your home and thrilled with your service, that everything else will take care of itself.





Cool. I love the culture, but what exactly does Airtegrity do? How does it all work?

Great question!

We are your South Texas solution for all heating, ventilation, air conditioning, domestic temperature, humidity and micro-allergen control needs. Whether you had a bad experience and are seeking a reliable technician to check out your setup or just purchased a home and want your climate control done right, Airtegrity is the answer.
Our ground-breaking transparent process is backed by intuitive technology and is always customer-centric by design.

Every appointment with Airtegrity begins with...

Email Confirmation

Including a headshot of the technician that will service your equipment. Once the technician punctually arrives at your doorstep, they will fully explain the diagnosis process. Once you are in agreement...

Work Begins

they will then get down to business. But not to worry! We may be the best air conditioning company in San Antonio, but Airtegrity will never leave you out in the cold!
We utilize mounted cameras to produce a live stream of every single appointment for transparency and quality assurance.

Mission Accomplished

That means that you can watch the technician work without hanging out in the hot attic, Once the job is completed in a timely and professional manner, the technician will conclude the appointment with a summary of the work accomplished. If there is any required part replacement, the technician will take you to a third-party website that provides pricing statistics on the part in question. That way you can see the value that Airtegrity brings to your equipment maintenance.

Once Airtegrity has taken care of business, the technician will quickly clean up the area and get out of your hair. But not before you will receive an emailed invoice and applicable warranty of service.

But rest assured, we’ll always leave you with a warm thank you and the best HVAC service & parts warranties in Texas. Now that’s just the way we think business should be done.

We get it. That was a lot of HVAC greatness packed into a few paragraphs.

For a full detailed list of all of our HVAC Services, check out our Services Page

The right way is the only way we do business.

When the wonderful people of San Antonio are feeling uncomfortable in their homes, it becomes our greatest emergency. That's why at Airtegrity, we have put a new spin on ICU.

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Airtegrity - HVAC done right.
Transparent / Professional / Affordable

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